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Hugh Jackman, his wife Deborra Lee Furness and their children Ava and Oscar

Simple is the story. Michael "Eddie The Eagle" Edwards was the first British competitor to compete in the Olympic ski-jumping in 1988. Edwards became a British hero, and a symbol of achievement and determination around the world despite finishing last. Edwards gave broadcasters a catchphrase that they could use with joy when he scored: "The Eagle is landing!"

It's a strange plot, isn't it? Jackman laughs and refers to the mega-successful 1993 film Cool Runnings. "I promise you'll understand it when you see it. This is an amazing story.IWC Replica Watches A lot went on behind the scenesthatpeopledon'trealise." And with the Dexter Fletcher-directedbiopic attracting a cast that includes Christopher Walken andTim McInnery,as well as Jackman and Egerton, I take the promiseat face value.

Role Call

Jackman's appearance changes dramatically as he moves from one role to another. He has worn a mullet in the 1980s for sci-fi film Chappie and shaved his head to play Blackbeard in the upcoming family adventure Pan. He also sported varying levels of facial hair on all ofthe above plus Van Hesling Australia, Prisoners, and many replica watches It's no wonder that, like a kid witha dressing up box, he joked recently with a British newspaper that for his wife Deborra Lee Furness, an Australian actress, producer, director, and director, it was like having a new man in every few months.

Jackman, who studied communications in university, says he always wanted to be an actress but was initially discouraged by his brother's constant teasing. "Then we went to a play and he told me he was sorry that I should have been up there," Jackman recalls. "From that moment on, I never looked back."

His international career took off when he was cast as the living embodimentof Marvel Comics' superhero Wolverinein Bryan Singer's film X-Men in 2000. Jackman, who is over 6ft 2 taller than Marvel's Wolverine comic book character, has taken the role and made it his own.