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Luxury brands have certain criteria they look for when selecting an ambassador to represent their global marketing campaigns. Tall, dark, and handsome are all obvious requirements. If you want to put the reputation of your company in someone else's hands,IWC Portuguese Replica then being approachable, modest, and likeable is essential. Hugh Jackman is all of these things plus a philanthropist and a supremely talented actor, singer, and film performer.

IWC Portuguese Replica CEO JeromeLambert does not hesitate to use one word to describe Jackman. He continues, "Fun." After a few words, he says: "Hugh has a vast knowledge and you can discuss hundreds of topics with. I'm always amazed at how down to earth he can be. "He is a man who loves life to the fullest and his great sense of humor makes him a pleasure to be around."

Lambert's answer to the question why Jackman became the global ambassador of the brand is very clear. Lambert says, "We wanted an ambassador who represented all of the attributes of our brand: elegant and talented, committed to the arts, and pioneering. Hugh was a perfect fit. His performances, his achievements and his professional and personal life inspire and enthral audiences around the world. He is the kind of man that people can relate to, but also admire.richard mille replica watches Hugh and IWC Portuguese Replica have a real connection and we're delighted to see him represent our maison at our brand campaign as well as events all over the world.

"I come from a humble family. My father taught us to value hard work and giving ."), Jackman has been a philanthropist for many years and supports IWC Portuguese Replica in its work with arts and culture. He says that the arts are an area where funding is increasingly difficult to come by, either public or private. "I am committed to IWC Portuguese Replica's support of the arts and their flourishing in all forms. IWC Portuguese Replica has supported visual artists, musicians, dancers, and even theatre directors for many years. "I am committed to many charity initiatives and will lend my support wherever I can."