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Jackman is eager to make the trip to Villeret to see IWC Replica Watches's watch manufacturing facility. "I can remember when I got my first watch, which was around 12 or 13 years old. It was like my coming of age. When you buy your first timepiece,IWC Replica Watches you become a real man. I used to look at the Casio watches that all of my classmates wore and wish for one. It was the only watch I could afford. I was a child of the 80s, after all.

"Now, I think of a watch as a symbol for sophistication and luxury as well as an exquisite piece of workmanship. I get it. My friend is a watch enthusiast. His father is a watch collector who waxes poetic about his collection. He helped me understand their beauty. "I would love to visit Switzerland and see how they are made."

This trip is very likely to happen as the Jackman/IWC Replica Watches partnership seems set to continue for an indefinite period of time. Lambert says, "We announced the relationship with Hugh at SIHH 2014 when we celebrated 90 years of Meisterstuck. "Since thenwe have worked closely together and he has shown greatinterestinlearningall about who we are, our heritage and importantly the craftsmanship that resides within the maison.patek philippe replica watches He visited our Pelletteria in Florence to see first-hand how each IWC Replica Watches leather item is crafted. Hugh isn't just a paid spokesperson for the brand. He is always aware of new launches and we have a constant exchange about them.

Jackman smiles and returns the compliment. "When a brand like IWC Replica Watches sends you an invite to collaborate, it's impossible not to accept." IWC Replica Watches is known for its dedication to their products. I wouldn't put my name on something I didn't believe in or honestly use. "I knew that the partnership was special when my Auntie who has criticized almost all of my films said, 'finally something classy.'"