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When we meet in West London on a rainy night in April, I apologize for the Post-its that are stuck to my notebook. "Prompts in case I get off track," I say. He nudges, winks, and says, "No, it's great." Someone once asked me a question on toilet paper. What does it say?"

Jackman's humor is 100% English, despite the Australian accent. "Well, I guess I'm a Brit," says Jackman. "My dad and mum are both English - they were called 'Ten Pound Poms.' My mum and dad were both born in England. When they sailed for Australia in 1967, my mother was expecting number four. I was born in the year 1968,Replica IWC Pilot number five and a first generation Aussie.

"I am very comfortable in the UK. I spend a lot time here. I probably grew up more English that most people here. We didn't watch Fawlty towers or Kenny Everett. On Sundays, my dad would shout 'Elevenses' when he called us to brunch. "Elevenses!" I shout it with my best British accent, and people lookat me like I am insane."

He continued: "You are Welsh?" Observing the dragon pendant around my neck, I replied. Currently, I am working with a Welshman. Taron Egerton, who starred in Kingsman. He is a fantastic actor. We are currently making a film about Eddie the Eagle, which is a very British story. "We are currently shooting in Germany - I was there until 5pm, and will be back at the set by 5am."

Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards stars Taron Egerton,Franck Muller Swiss Replica Hugh Jackman and Hugh Jackman.

Jackman's latest choice as Chuck Berghorn, ski coach Chuck Berghorn, is surprising to me. I am impressed by someone's dedication who would fly across Europe for dinner. "What are you saying? "I love the story." Eddie is loved by all Australians. He's been on setandhe is great, just as you would expect. "One minute you're talking and the next he spots biscuits or something and he runs off!"